LaPalm Computer Consulting was founded in Ann Arbor, but is happy to serve its many clients in the metro Detroit area as well.

We are proud to offer an exceptional service at an exceptionally well-affordable price.

Our goal is to RECOMMEND to you the information technology you need, IMPLEMENT it, and SHOW you how to use it. We will also SOLVE any difficulties or problems that arise. 

We provide consulting services that generally fall into four categories. We give recommendations to our clients about the right information technology to meet their needs. We implement the information technology that our clients choose. We solve any problems that arise with their information technology systems, and we also provide training for our clients on certain products.

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L.C. Consulting has the experience we need to help you. We will be dedicated to your needs, and will make sure we achieve them to your satisfaction. And we do all that at the right price. We make sure that we always achieve our first goal: to provide an exceptional service at an exceptionally well-affordable price.

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Our distinguishing characteristic is our dedication to our customers. We are committed to establishing long-term relations with our customers in the area. We look forward to a pleasant and mutually-rewarding business relation.

L.C. Consulting has a broad array of experience, and we believe we can help you meet your technology needs. Are you just a home user? No problem, we've helped them before. Are you a small or medium business? We look forward to working with you. Give us a call or drop us a line here, and we'll get right back to you.
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